Monday, December 15, 2014

About me!

Hey guys! Here is my about me page. I hope you enjoy these facts about me! ;)
  1. My name is Devin.
2. I have blondish brownish hair and blue eyes.
3. I have 2 kitty cats named Vincent & August. If you guys want, maybe I will post a picture of them!
4. My favorite color is purple, so that's why I'm typing in purple!
5. I play animal jam, so if one of you guys wants to meet up with me sometime on AJ, my username is klippyjonjon89.
6. I love duck tape!!!
7. Most of my doll stuff is homemade.
8. My favorite animal is a kitten! So adowable! 8D
  Ok, so that's all for now! ☻

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