Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What is she saying? #2

Hey everyone! Today I'm back with another What is she saying! But first, the winner of the last one.

The winning caption is.....

Izzy Sheptak!!
Her caption was:
sophie: theres a little something on your...
sadie: OW!
sophie: cheek... but I got it

Congratulations, Izzy!

Here is the picture you have to caption now.

Have fun!



  1. Here is what I think
    Molly: AHH!! Sadie! What in the world are you wearing?!?!?!
    Sadie: Oh this? Just a little something I put together. Do you like it?
    Molly: Uh, yah sure whatever. Either way, take it off!!
    Sadie: Why?
    Molly: Because! We are going to a fancy diner!
    Sadie: Ooh, right I forgot
    Molly: -sighs-

  2. Lol! I didn't even realize how long my post was! Sorry about that.
    This series is really cool and I can't wait for the next one!

    1. Cadence, I love your caption! It was so funny! It's ok, make it as long as you want!

  3. Molly: Uh, Sadie, may I ask why you are wearing that...mix match outfit?
    sadie: Oh just a new look I found in a magazine. Dont you think it looks gorgeous?
    molly: Ummmmmm... It is very interesting!
    Sadie: Oh goodie! I will wear this all the time!
    Molly: (sighs0

  4. Molly: What are you doing now? I just finished cleaning up the mess from your confetti throwing party!
    Sadie: I'm modeling my new outfit! Isn't it just fabulous?
    Molly: Umm... definitely. What is up with you today?
    Sadie: Rosie told me it was "have as much fun as you possibly can in twenty four hours" day. I was surprised you weren't celebrating it also. Rosie must of forgot to tell you.
    Molly: or she was pranking you....
    Sadie: Nahh I doubt it.
    * Molly glances over her shoulder to find Rosie rolling on the floor laughing *


  5. Molly: hey Sadie- WHOA! what are you wearing!?
    Sadie: Oh just a new fashion trend I'm starting. do you like it?
    Molly: I don't know... are you really going to wear that?
    Sadie: yes. why? don't you love it? I can add the apron Devin's mum made for us!
    Molly: No no no! it is fine how it is!
    Sadie: Good! now I'm off to a fashion show!
    Molly:A FASHION- ummm... ya! see ya later
    Sadie: goodbye!
    *molly rolls on the floor laughing*

    (>^_^)> Ava