Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Doll wishlist

Today I felt lazy and didn't want to take any pictures, so I decided to share with you all my doll wishlist!

Image result for american girl doll kit
                                                  The first doll is Kit. I've been wanting her forever. I'm saving up for her right now, and I'm going to buy her as soon as I have enough money!

                                                        Image result for american girl truly me doll
   Then there's Truly Me #37. I would name her Wednesday. She looks just like the character Wednesday from a book I'm writing. Her best friend's name is Winnie, who I will picture below.

                                                    Image result for american girl truly me doll blonde curly hair
                                                    This is Winnie, Truly Me #56. If I got her, she would wear her hair in pigtails all the time with tutus and frilly shirts. She would dress like a little girl. In my book, she is super tiny, but you can't get AG dolls of different heights. ;)

                                                          Image result for american girl doll josefina beforever
I also really would like Josefina. She is so gorgeous. Her nickname would be Josie and she would be a gardener.

                                         American Girl Maryellen Larkin

 This picture is from Happy House Of AG. I love Maryellen! She is SO pretty! However, if I get her, I'd add some freckles. Possibly. I think I would re-name her Penny, too.

                                                       Image result for american girl doll kaya beforever
 Kaya! I love her so much. She would own my doll's horse, Midnight, and she would be an outdooorsy girl. Also, she would love camping and fishing.


Ok, can I just say that I LOVE the doll in the video?? I also adore the name Alaska. I really wish I could make a custom doll just like her. And the song in the video is my favorite song.

Well, that's it for my doll wishlist! As always, thanks for reading!