Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

Hey yo! Happy pancake Tuesday! My American readers probably don't know what Pancake Tuesday is, but my readers from England do! Since I'm half English, my family always celebrates this day by eating pancakes or crepes! Today we're having pancakes. Yummy!
Sadie celebrated by eating both pancakes and crepes!

Thanks for reading! Bye!



  1. Cute photo! That's a cool holiday! I didn't even know about it being a holiday, but I ate pancakes today too! ;)

  2. Cool!! This makes me want crepes. Though we're having Mexican food tonight! Now I realize, your right we have Mexican for a lot!! Remember how we had Mexican food like every time you came over!!

    1. Thanks! Yes I remember...not like it's a bad thing! Mexican food is delicious.