Monday, April 18, 2016

Mexico - part 1

Hola! I'm in Mexico!!!!! Yay! Here are some pictures that I took. I'll hand it over to Molly now...

Hey guys, it's Molly the awesome! And yes, right now I am in Mexico! Woohoo! This picture is of me at the airport, waiting forever to get on the plane!
There was a fishtank at the airport, so I got Devin to take some pictures of it.

 Here is a little pond area that you can throw coins into.

WHAT IS THAT THING?? It looks so weird! And yes,it actually was alive.


And now I'm just chilling and reading my magazine.

Finally, we got on the plane! Yay!

 We're in the air!

And now I'm taking a little snooze on the plane with my super comfy neck pillow.

 Wazzup!! I am in Mexico and it is HOT!
Here's my room.

Over here I've got my bags...

My shoes...

 And my bedm with my pj's laid out.
 In the front yard, there is a palm tree with coconuts!

This cat keeps coming by our house. I think it's a girl. We are calling her Gato. (It means cat in spanish)

And now for a photoshoot of me!

 Blooper :D

 I love this pic!

Ugh..these stairs...are so...hard to climb..
(Devin here. I just realized that my finger is in the picture...oops! Sorry!)

 I was trying to get a picture of me in this hammock, but Devin's brother wouldn't get out of it. :P


Devin here again! Stay tuned for part 2! Thanks for reading!



  1. How did you take Molly on the plane? I might be going to Florida sometime this year and I really want to take a doll with me. Thanks!

    1. I put her in my carry on bag. Thanks for asking; I love answering reader's questions!