Friday, July 22, 2016

How to make doll workout equipment!

Hey! Today I have a craft for you! I haven't done a craft in forever, so I'll show you how to make doll workout equipment for your Barbies or Ever After Highs.

Let's get started!

You will need:
*Hot glue gun
*Glitter glue (optional)
*a pencil
* a straw

First, cut a rectangle from the cardboard and trace it four more times. Cut them out.

Glue them together using your hot glue gun.

Trace all the sides onto your foam and cut them out.

Glue them onto the sides.

Now you have a yoga block!

For a very simple yoga mat, just cut a piece of foam a little longer than your doll. I had to glue two pieces of foam together.

Now to make some dumbbells. Cut two pieces of the straw the same length.

Put a dollop of hot glue onto a piece of paper, tin foil, whatever you like, and dip the end of the straw in it.

Attach the buttons to the ends, and you've got dumbbells! You could be done here, or... could use a little glitter glue to make the dumbbells sparkly, like I did here.

To make a water bottle, grab a cap from a skinny marker, a pony bead, and perler bead.

Glue the pony bead to the top of the cap, then glue the perler bead to the top of the pony bead. You're done with the water bottle!

Gotta stay hydrated!

Finally, we'll make a gym bag. I lost a lot of pictures from this, so sorry. All you need to do is cut a square of felt, fold it in half, glue the edges together. Then cut a piece of ribbon and glue the edges to the inside top of the bag. For a little decoration, I cut a heart out of foam and glued it on.

You're done!

If you make this craft, you can send a picture to me at . I'll feature those pictures on my blog!

Happy crafting!



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