Monday, August 8, 2016

Make a Doll Popsicle...without clay!

 Hi! Summer is almost over *sobs* but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy summer treats anymore! One of my favorite snacks in the summer are popsicles. Today I'll show you how to make popsicles for your dolls to enjoy! Also, I really don't like it when people give tutorials, but it turns out that it's just made out of clay. Not everyone has clay just lying around their house. So I'll show you how to make a doll popsicle without clay! Let's get started!

You will need:
*A hot glue gun
*2 or 3 hot glue sticks per popsicle
*a mini popsicle stick (or you could just cut a regular one down to size)
*a crayon in the flavor you want
*parchment paper (before you start, glue a small drop of hot glue onto the parchment paper, let it dry, then see if you can peel it off without it sticking to the paper)

Lay the popsicle stick down on the parchment paper. Then begin making the shape of a popsicle around it with the hot glue.

Quickly, while it's still hot, color it with your crayon. You'll have to do little sections at a time.

Continue filling it in. I made an outline with the hot glue so I knew where to glue.

It should look something like this once it's done.

Carefully peel it off the paper.

Then flip it over to the other side and fill in and color that side.

If it drips, then just wait for it to dry and trim it with some scissors.

There you go! That is how you make a doll popsicle. I made three flavors: Orange, lime, and grape.

Hope you enjoyed!




  1. These are super cute!!!!!!!!! I love the idea, they are like transparent!

    1. Thank you! :) I ate one, it was delicous. (JK hehe)