Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My trip!!!

Hi everyone! A few days ago, I got back from visiting my cousins for Christmas! I didn't take that many pictures (sorry about that) but that was because we were SO SO SOOO busy! I mean, it was CHRISTMAS!! Ok, so I'm gonna let Molly talk now....
Hi everyone! It's Molly here! I hope you all had a merry Christmas! Anyway, while you all were doing fun Christmas things on the 23rd, I was stuck in the car for nearly 7 hours. (gasp!)

So, I listened to my most favorite song in the whole entire world!!! What is it, you ask? Oh, nothing much, just Monster by Imagine Dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ooh, this is my favorite part!!
Anyway, while I listened to that amazing song, Devin was playing Tomodachi Life for almost 3 hours! But then her 3Ds battery died.
This is what i looked like for most of the trip. Yes. Very uncomfortable. I would have squeezed my self into my bag more, but the was so much clothes in there that I barely fit!!
Any way, that is sadly all the pictures Devin took. But on Christmas Eve, when we were at Devin's cousin's house, me and my new buddies Isabelle and Saige hid in the presents to spy on Santa!!!
Alrighty now, I am going to hand the spotlight back to Devin now! Goodbye, my fans, and I'll miss you too!
Um, ok, sorry about that. That was kind of weird.
That's all for now! Sorry this post was so weird!

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