Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What is she saying? #4

Can you believe it's August already?? Summer has flown by so fast. Anyway, I have a new What is She Saying for you!
 Here us the winner of the last one...


Her caption...

Gracie: oh! stop! there is some flowers to pick!
Rosie: no, your late for your dentist appointment.
Gracie: no! stop the wheelchair!
Rosie: your late!!!
~Gracie flops out of her wheelchair~
Gracie: oooouuuucccchhhh! getting noticed hurts!
~ they both yell and argue Rosie trying to get her back in~
Rosie: get back in there!
Gracie: not until I get noticed!
Rosie: noticed?!
~a woman walks past staring at them as Rosie sets Gracie in her wheelchair~
Gracie: yes!!!!!!!!
~earlier that morning~
Gracie: hey guys!
~everyone rushed around ignoring her~
Gracie: *sigh* ooh! molly!
Molly: yes?
Gracie: how do i get noticed?
Molly: well... don't you have a dentist appointment later?
Gracie: yes, and...?
Molly: just really freak out on the way there! someone is bound to see you!
Gracie: perfect!!! thanks Molly!
Molly: anytime.

Congratulations, mittykat279!

Here is the picture you have to caption this time...
What are Sophie and Molly saying? I can't wait to see your captions!

Have fun!



  1. Cute! Here is mine,
    molly: hey Sophie ya like my new necklace?

    Sophie: it's cute can I see it?
    *sophie accedentaly rips bean off and it rolls down under the couch*
    Molly: SOPHIE!!!! Why'd you do that!
    Sophie: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!
    *they both try to reach and get it and fail*
    Molly: great now I lost my necklace...
    Later Rosie drops the remote under. She moves the couch to get it when she spots a bead.
    Rosie: oh this is nice! Molly look what I found!!!
    Molly: *sighs*

  2. Molly : I just got a new camera because I'm the new school reporter!
    Sophie :-pants - Meanwhile -huh- I -huh- have just-uhuhu- finished my daily-coughs- jog.
    Molly :Ooh. That would make a great topic!- takes a picture of sweaty Sophie .Now what would be a good caption for that photo??-Thinks- hmmmmmmmmmm -mumbles and walks away- ooh maybe uh ohh "Sweaty Sophie comes back from daily jog" and publish!!!!!

    Sophie: OH MOLLY YOU PEST.

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  3. oh Devin thank you so much! Don't forget to do the poll on the side for me!

    (>^-^)> Ava