Friday, May 6, 2016

What I've been making #2!

Hi! Here's the second What I've Been Making! Also, happy May!

The first thing I made is a simple white headband. All I did was cut a wide strip of a pair of old tights, then stretched it a little so it curled. I made this so the dolls could wear it when they do yoga, work out, do ballet, or just want a cute little accessory! :)

Here, Kit models it while doing ballet!

The next thing I made is this little burrito! I made the tortilla by cutting a circle of cream felt, then coloring some parts on it with different shades of brown crayons. For the meat, I ripped apart a cotton ball, then mixed in some brown paint.

Then, I made this soup! I did not make the bowl; it's an egg cup. The soup was very simple, I just stuck a cotton ball in the bottom of the bowl and cut a circle from red paper and put that on top. You could be done here, but I decided to make little saltine crackers by cutting rectangles of yellow paper and drawing six brown dots on it for the holes. Finally, I cut slits in the red paper and stuck in the crackers!

Rosie looks ready to eat the food!

Finally, I made this beret by cutting two circles of felt, sewing all the way around the edge, cutting a hole in the middle, flipping it right side out, sewing on a button and I was done! I can post a tutorial for this if you want.

Molly models it very nicely. :)

My kitty August was looking so cute so I took a quick picture of him!

Thanks for reading!


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