Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to make a chocolate fountain

Hey guys! Well, Valentines Day is just about here, and we all know what that means.....

Yum! Everyone loves chocolate, even dolls!
Don't you sometimes wish that you could just dip everything you ate in chocolate?
Well now you can! (Or at least your dolls can...)
Here is how to make a chocolate fountain for your dolls!!

Let's get started!

You will need:

Brown paper
Glue (I ended up using hot glue)
Mod Podge
A plastic container (I am using a sour cream container after it has been washed)
The cardboard thinymajig from a mini duct tape or a toilet paper roll cut down to size

Apply glue to the top of your cardboard duct tape thing or toilet paper roll. (hot glue works best, but in the picture I used Mod Podge)

Cut the bottom off of your plastic container.

And glue it to the top.

You may need to apply some pressure.

Now, cut a rectangle of brown paper.

Curl it into a tube and secure with glue.

Cut about 2 strips of brown paper. Don't do 4, like I did :) I ended up throwing away 2 pieces. But you will need to cut the 2 pieces in half.

Curl the tops of the strips with your fingers..... they look like this. (I apologize for the blurriness!)

Glue them to your tube.

Cut a circle of brown paper.

Then trim it until it fits into the recess of the plastic bit. Glue in place.

Now stick your tube on top of the circle and cover it in PLENTY of Mod Podge. Be generous!
Let dry and you're done!


Looking for something to dip in your chocolate fountain? Use cotton balls or white pom poms as marshmallows or go to AmericanGirlFan to see how to make adorable chocolate covered strawberries!

Thanks for reading!

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?