Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! I hope you are having an awesome day! Anyway, my dolls had the best day ever! Let's take a look!

      ♥                                    ♥                                      ♥

We all let out triumphant shouts of relief when we heard Rosie's voice.

"Okay, food's ready! You can come in now!" she called. 
She had been cooking for nearly three hours. She was setting up a special Valentines feast for everyone.

 After a bit of struggle, everyone sat down.

 "Mmm! This looks so good, Rosie!" Sophie said, looking over at all the delicious treats set on the table.
 Rosie smiled. "Thanks, Sophie!"
 There were many yummy foods. There were rock candy sticks, chocolate covered strawberries, Sweethearts, cherries.... and red candy, pink cookies....
 ....a chocolate fountain, strawberry ice cream.....
 .....and red licorice.
 "Enough with the chitchat! Let's eat!" cried Molly.
 We all agreed that we were super hungry, so we served ourselves.
 "Mmm! These chocolate covered strawberries are SO good!" exclaimed Molly, lathering hers in chocolate.
 "So yummy...."
 When all the strawberries were gone, Molly tried to stick her finger in the fountain.
 "No, Molly," laughed Rosie.
 Too soon, the feast was gone. The dolls left the mess for me to clean up. :)
 Now it's fashion time! I am going to show you all what everyone wore.
 First up, Sophie.
 She is wearing a black homemade spaghetti strap tank top.... (brr!)
 ....and an Our Generation pink ballet skirt.
 Molly's next!
 She is wearing an OG pajama shirt...
 ...and a Springfield jean skirt.
 Her pink ballet flats are also from Springfield.
 Now for Gracie.
 She is wearing a pink homemade 3/4 length shirt...
 ...and a homemade white skirt with red puppies and a red heart trim.
 She is wearing her cast as usual, but she also has a purple ballet shoe.
 Sadie's turn!
 Her white and black polka dotted blouse is from OG....
 .....and her lovely skirt is just my old ballet tutu... (so much ballet stuff!)
 ...with a safety pin in the back.
 And she is barefoot.
 Last but not least, Rosie!!
 She has a red velvet dress that is actually a baby dress with a ribbon tied around it and a safety pin in the back.
 Right there.

     So I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Molly won't stop putting on my heart headband!



  1. Happy Valentines Day!!!
    This is so cute! I especially like the chocolate fountain and chocolate covered strawberries! I love Sadie's outfit! It's adorable! :)

    1. Thank you! That is so sweet of you to say! Yes, Sadie has a nice sense of style. :)

  2. Happy late Valentine's Day! Great job on the story. :)