Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Family cooking show Episode 2: How to make chocolate ice cream with Sophie

Hello people/dolls/narwhals!
That came out of nowhere.
But as you can tell by the title, the long awaited Family cooking show episode 2 is here!! I am going to hand it over to Sophie now.

*Note: This is not a real recipe!

Hello, chefs of the world! It is I, the great Sophie. Today, you will learn to make your very own, delicious, batteries not included chocolate ice cream!!!!
Let's get started!

You will need:
A bowl
A pan
Measuring stuff (optional)
Mixer thing

First, fill up your pan with water.

Now bring it to a boil.

Pour some milk into a bowl.

Now add the chocolate...

..followed by sugar.

Put the bowl on top of the pan. This should melt it.

Stir until it becomes nice and creamy.

When you're done, use your beater to beat your eggs. Oops, did I forget to say that you need to add two eggs? Oh, well. Now you know that you need to add two eggs, then beat them with your beater.

Freeze it for three and a half hours.


Add a cherry on top if you like, and you're done!

Hey guys! It's Devin again. I hope you enjoyed this recipe that is not a real recipe!
So, while I was taking the pictures for this, I was like, "Hey, I should put real water in the pan so it looks more realistic!"
Not a good idea.

The pan fell and spilled water all over the rug and the floor.

Me cleaning it up...


Now the rug is drying in my bathroom.

Okay kids! I hope you learned a lesson - to always put water in doll pans!
Only if you want to get everything wet, that is.

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!


(P.S. like the new pink theme? =] )


  1. Ha this is cool dev!!! ( when did I start calling you dev anyway?) And ya the pink theme is really cool!

    1. Thank you Cadence! I'm not sure when you started calling me Dev...:) Thanks! At first I thought it was a little, ya know? But know I like it!

  2. Love your new blog design. This was a really cute photostory :)