Monday, April 27, 2015

Disaster has struck!

Hi everyone! Can you believe that I'very been gone for 17 days??? I'm so sorry. But I have an excuse....
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I had play practice after school, and then Friday till Sunday I was at camp. So yeah..
I might have exaggerated the title just a tiny bit...but there has been a disaster in my doll house.

There has been an awful earthquake (not for real) in the bottom floors of the Dolly household. Let's hope that I can tidy it up soon.

Be sure to write a caption for What is she saying, in my previous post. Thanks for reading!



  1. Don't feel bad if you can't post! And if you didn't see the reply I commented on your question, Nellie was Samantha's friend and her name was already Nellie. :)

    1. :) Thank you! Oh, thanks for letting me know. Nellie does look like the Samantha type. ;)

  2. Cute dollhouse!