Thursday, July 9, 2015

What is she saying? #3

Another what is she saying has come! Before I show the picture, here is the winner of the last one.


Here is her caption...

 Molly: AHH!! Sadie! What in the world are you wearing?!?!?!
Sadie: Oh this? Just a little something I put together. Do you like it?
Molly: Uh, yah sure whatever. Either way, take it off!!
Sadie: Why?
Molly: Because! We are going to a fancy diner!
Sadie: Ooh, right I forgot
Molly: -sighs-

Congratulations, Cadence!

And the picture you have to caption this time... (drumroll)
What do you think Rosie and Gracie are saying? Comment down below with your suggestion!

One more thing...

I gave Sophie removable freckles. I was inspired by Kaitlyn on her 4th of July post. I used a brown washable marker and I am very pleased  with the results!



  1. Sophie looks so cute! And thank you for choosing me!! Here is my caption for the new picture:
    Gracie: thanks again for helping me get to class Rosie.

    Rosie: No problem, plus it's not like I've got anything else to do.

    Gracie: Wait... Don't you have a doctors oppointment today?
    -Rosie runs off leaving Gracie alone-

    Gracie: Rosie!? Hello?! Anyone?!

    Rosie: I'm the older one here okay, I think I know what speed is best for you
    Gracie: Well ok this is my stop
    Rosie: Ok bye *rosie skips off into the sunlight* TO INFINITY AND ROOM 18
    Gracie: Wait now how to I wheel myself into the classroom. *she says with all of her bracelets on her arm with only a bit of skin showing* Oh well I never liked school anyways.

  3. Gracie: oh! stop! there is some flowers to pick!
    Rosie: no, your late for your dentist appointment.
    Gracie: no! stop the wheelchair!
    Rosie: your late!!!
    ~Gracie flops out of her wheelchair~
    Gracie: oooouuuucccchhhh! getting noticed hurts!
    ~ they both yell and argue Rosie trying to get her back in~
    Rosie: get back in there!
    Gracie: not until I get noticed!
    Rosie: noticed?!
    ~a woman walks past staring at them as Rosie sets Gracie in her wheelchair~
    Gracie: yes!!!!!!!!
    ~earlier that morning~
    Gracie: hey guys!
    ~everyone rushed around ignoring her~
    Gracie: *sigh* ooh! molly!
    Molly: yes?
    Gracie: how do i get noticed?
    Molly: well... don't you have a dentist appointment later?
    Gracie: yes, and...?
    Molly: just really freak out on the way there! someone is bound to see you!
    Gracie: perfect!!! thanks Molly!
    Molly: anytime.

    (>^-^)> Ava

  4. Oh my! I am so sorry that was way way too long! I'm super sorry!


    1. Don't worry about it. Make it as long as you want!