Thursday, June 25, 2015

A makeover

Hiya! As you can see, I have given my blog a makeover. For summer, and also because the pink was getting on my nerves a little.
I'm sorry if you liked the pink theme, but as some of you know, I love green and blue. Seriously. They are amazing.
Here is a picture for your amusment.

Not the best picture, but I thought it was really funny how the lighting turned out red just because my camera is red.

Oh, and one more thing..

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Have a nice day!



  1. Cool I like your pictures. If ya want to check out my blog it is

    1. Thank you! You're blog is really cool! I have looked at it a lot before an it is definitely one of my favorite doll blogs.

  2. The makeover is really cute Devin!!!