Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tour of Molly and Kit's room

Hey there! I was just wondering if any of you guys saw my Birthday Girl post. I only got one comment, and I worked really hard on it. Okay, now that I'm done with that, let's get started with the post!
Recently, my dollhouse was moved into my closet to make more space in my room. When it was, I was able to give Molly her own room! She shares it with Kit now, which as you can imagine, makes things pretty awkward...:) Here is the tour of Molly and Kit's room! Enjoy!

Here is the whole room.

This is the miscellaneous basket. There is a beach ball, an umbrella, a shirt, a jacket, a headband and a lot more. ;)

There is mirror, perfect for modeling fashion in!

This is Molly's bed.

She has a jar of beads next to her bed.

Above her bed is a 3D poster that says "You're top dog!"

There is another picture on the wall that is actually a Girl Scouts badge.

And Molly has some jewelry hanging on rocks above her bed.

Kit has a pretty poster above her bed.

This is Kit's bed.

It is her box, of course. :)

On the end of her bed is her nightie...

...and by the foot of the bed are her shoes. (Hahaha, get it? Foot of the bed and shoes...ha...)

Over by Molly's bed is the closet.

It's very tidy! lol

And on top of the closet is some stuff cluttered up.

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  1. This is cool! I sent the badge cuz I found mine and it had the tag with my name and I found one without a tad. I remembered you asked me to hold your stuff. I like the room it's so cute!!!!!

    1. Ohhh i was wondering where that went! Thanks! :)

  2. Loved this, kits bedding is really cute. Where did you get it? Just wanted to let you know that I am leaving my blog but started a new one and would love it if you could check it out. I will actually be posting from now on! the link is

    1. I commented on your new blog! Its really sweet. I got the bedding from my mom. She made it and the pillow.

  3. Hey Devin I was wondering if some time on my birthday we could FaceTime. We I can call you some time. I don't have details. But I may or may not be going to Tennessee to eat lunch at the American doll store! We will stay with friends who live in Tennessee. I'm not having a party this year because I'll be new to a school( again:( )

    1. Sorry I was to lazy to write an email :)

    2. Don't worry about it. :) Yes of course we can!! I'll chat with you with email so I can write a more personal message.