Friday, July 8, 2016

Making American Girl Doll Inspired Outfits!

Heyo! I'm really sorry for not posting for a while. We had a family reunion going on for a week, so I didn't have any time to take pictures. Anyway, today I designed outfits for myself inspired by AG doll meet outfits!

First up is Maryellen. I got this dress a while ago because I saw it and was like, "That looks just like Maryellen's dress!" I didn't have a green shrug, so I just used this white one.

I used black flats instead of black Mary Janes because I don't own Mary Janes.

Now for Saige. Here is the dress. I used a red scarf for a belt.

Close-up of the belt...

Then I used my favorite black boots because I don't have any brown boots.

Here's Kanani's outfit. I used a long blue dress - which I know doesn't look very long, but it is on me because I'm short - and a necklace that my parents got in Hawaii! I thought that that was pretty cool because Kanani is from Hawaii.

Then I used blue flip flops.

Finally, we have Grace's outfit. The white shirt is as close as I could get to Grace's shirt. Then there's a pink skirt and a charm bracelet.

Here's the charm bracelet.

And here we have the black boots! Sorry they're so dirty. I know Grace's boots are gray, but I don't have gray boots.

Thanks for reading! Bye!



  1. Wow! These all look really similar to the AG's outfits!:) I love "Grace's" boots, they look almost just like Grace's!:)