Friday, July 8, 2016

What is she Saying? #6

Hello! Here's another What Is She Saying! Let's just go ahead and jump into it!

The winner for the last one...

Cadence Mooring!! Congrats gurl! :)
Her caption...
Rosie: Ohh darling your hair MUST be fixed!!
Molly: ummm Rosie what's with the weird accent?
Rosie: ooh sorry I just am applying for hair camp.
Molly: and the accent....?
Rosie: Don't worry about it darling!
Molly -sighs-

Now for the next one!
Molly appears to have just gotten back from a party...maybe? And Sadie is...uh...well, that's up for you guys to decide!

I can't wait for your guys' captions! Comment down below with what you think Molly and Sadie are doing or saying. I'll pick my favorite one and post it...sometime. Let's be honest - it's probably going to be in a month or so, because my last What Is She Saying was back in April...Okay, let's set a deadline for this one! I'll post it by July 30!




  1. Sadie: uh Molly you do know it's a costume party right?
    Molly: I know, I'm a princess! Wait, what are you supposed to be?
    Sadie: imma disco skier! Duuuuh!
    Molly: * immatating Sadie* uh sadie you do know it's supposed to be a costume party not a crazy party right.
    Sadie and Molly laughing hahahahhahahahhahaha

  2. Molly: Ug, today I have to go to my aunts fancy wedding..
    Sadie: Aren't you going to ask why I'm wearing this??
    Molly: Ok, fine... Why are you wearing that??
    Sadie: Well, I was walking around and then saw Beyoncé and she invited me to a big glow in the dark party!!
    Molly: Seriously??
    Sadie: Nope, that is what you get for not asking me! I just felt like it...
    Molly: (gives Sadie a weird look)