Friday, July 3, 2015

3rd of July festival! (a photostory)

Hi! Every year on the third of July, there is a celebration where I live, so I decided to do the same thing for my dolls!  Enjoy!
(By the way, Ella, Isabelle, Kit and Saige are my cousins' dolls. My cousin helped me with this photostory)

 Molly, Ella and Isabelle sped along the road in a rush to get to the 3rd of July festival.

 Molly glanced in the mirror, and when she did, she noticed a police car trailing them.

 Molly pulled over, nervous. What had she done wrong?
A cop walked over to her car.

 "Is there a problem, officer?" Molly asked.

 "I need to see your license, Miss. You were going above the speed limit."

Molly opened her purse and grabbed her precious driver's license. She showed it to the cop, her hand shaking slightly.

The officer inspected the license, then nodded.
"Since it's a holiday weekend, I'm gonna let you off with a warning. Just be sure to go the speed limit from now on. Have a nice day,"  the cop said. Then she walked back to her car and drove away.
Molly sighed, relived. She started the car and then drove to the festival.

When they arrived, they got out of the car and wandered around.

They ended up at a booth where a lady was painting faces.

Molly walked over to the booth and said, "I would like a heart on my cheek, please."
"Alright," the lady responded. "Sit in that chair."

Molly sat down with excitement on her face.

Ella and Isabelle watched eagerly, as they wondered what they wanted.
Isabelle said, "I'm very excited to get my face painted."
"I am too," Ella replied.

"What color?" asked the lady.
"Red, please," answered Molly.

"Okay," the lady said, dipping her brush into the paint.

She began painting Molly's face.

When she was done with Molly, Ella ran up and said, "I would like a red star please!!"

"Okay, sit down in that chair."

Just as the lady was about to apply the paint to Ella's face, Ella said, "Actually, I think I would like a blue star. No, actually a green. Or how about white, or purple, or do I even want a star? Maybe I want a flower..."

"I'll just give you a blue star," the lady said.

She began to paint Ella's face. Ella frowned and grumbled, "I wanted a yellow triangle."

Finally, Isabelle came up and announced, "A blue star on my cheek, please."
The lady nodded, then noticed the camera around Isabelle's neck. "Ya better not take no pictures of me."
"Don't worry, I won't," Isabelle said, smiling.

She painted the star onto Isabelle's cheek quickly and with care.
"Thank you!" they all called as they walked away.

They went to a booth that their friend, Saige, was running. It was for a big swing. In line, there was the teenager cop from earlier.

"WHEEE!!" shouted the cop gleefully as she swung.

Molly, Izzy and Ella giggled at the sight of the police officer on the swing.

Isabelle got in line next.

"YEAH!!!!!!" shrieked Isabelle.

Ella was next. She was a little nervous because she was scared of heights.

"AHHHHHHHH!" screamed Ella.

"That was so fun and scary!" breathed Ella when she got off.

Last was Molly. 
"Woo hoo!" she yelled.

That evening, they all watched the fireworks. They were gorgeous! Isabelle noticed the cop sitting next to them, and when the cop saw Izzy staring at her, she just smiled and nodded. Phew, Izzy thought.

The End!

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful 4th of July and I would like to give a huge thanks to my cousin, Paisley, who helped me with this story.



  1. Ha funny. I miss the third of July!! Ha so weird......

    1. Yeah, I missed you being there! Remember the root beer back bend? :D

    2. Ahah yes I totally forgot the root beer back bend!! We got root beer in our noses!!!!! Also I just noticed that Molly is 12 driving, yet the officer didn't say anything.....

    3. She recently turned 13, but still...she got lucky. :)