Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hoppy Easter! - a photostory

Happy (or like I said in the title, "Hoppy" :)   )  Easter!!

Pusheen Easter    


Here's a little photostory to entertain you guys. ;)


All the girls were gathered in the humans' kitchen, waiting for Devin to finish hiding the Easter eggs.

"Ugh!" Molly cried. "I'm so bored! When will she be done!?"

Like an answer to her question, Devin came running into the room.
"I'm done hiding the eggs," she said. "You can go look now."
They all set off to search.

"Here's one!" exclaimed Sophie. She plucked the egg from the window and dropped it into her basket.

"I hope I win," murmured Sophie.

"Let's see," muttered Sadie, looking through a vase of flowers. "Nope, none here."

"Aha!" she shouted. "Found you!"

Gracie had a hard time searching, for she was stuck in her wheelchair. "There's one," she said.

This was Kit's first egg hunt. Finally, she spotted one. "Golly!" she said. "I found one!"

Rosie considered herself a master egg hunter. She found her first one within the first two minutes.
"Hm," Rosie said, shaking it next two her ear. "Sounds like jellybeans! My favorite!"

As she was placing the egg in her basket, Rosie noticed another one underneath the drying mat. She added it to her basket and continued to search.

"Another one?" Rosie exclaimed. "This is a great day for me!"

"One, two and three!" Molly said, dropping three eggs in her basket.

Soon, all the eggs had been found.
"Everyone back to the table!" Devin shouted.

Devin counted the eggs in everyone's baskets.

"And the winner is...drum roll please..." she said. All the dolls immediately began drumming their hands on the table.

"...With four eggs, ROSIE!"
Everyone cheered for Rosie while she did a celebratory dance.

"You get two prizes!" Devin said, handing her a pretend nest of chocolate eggs. "Here's one."
"Thank you!" Rosie said, accepting the prize.

"And here's the other prize!" Devin said, giving her a stuffed bunny.

"Thank you so much!" Rosie said joyfully. "And thank you, my wonderful sisters, for the best Easter ever!"


Thanks for reading! Happy Easter!



  1. Happy Easter!:) Your story was so cute, congrats to Rosie!:D

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply! Thank you so much, Emma! You're too sweet! :)