Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hey! Sorry for not posting in a while. Since Halloween is on a Monday, I won't have any time to post tomorrow, so I'm doing a Halloween photostory today. Enjoy!

Before I start though, I'm going to quickly show you Rosie, Gracie and and Kit's costumes. You can see everyone elses here.

 Rosie is a ballerina...
 Gracie is Elsa....
 ....and Kit is a minion. Let's get on with the photostory!


 Everyone waited by the door, ready to go trick-or-treating.
 "Okay, does everyone have everything? Costumes, bags?" Rosie asked.
"Yes," came a chorus of girls.
"Alright, let's go!"
 First, they headed to their Macy and Ellie's house.
 "Trick-or-treat!" the girls cried in union.
 "I love your costumes!" Ellie said, who was a devil. Her sister, Macy, was a angel.
 "I'll be right back to get your candy," Macy said, opening the door to the house.
 She returned with a huge bowl of candy.
 "Enjoy!" Macy said, dropping a piece of candy into everyone's bags.

 Macy and Ellie waved goodbye as the girls walked to Lillian's house.
 Lillian opened the door after Rosie rang the doorbell.
"Trick-or-treat!" everyone recited.
 "Hi! Your costumes are awesome!" Lillian said.
 "What's you're costume, Lil?" Molly asked.
 Lillian looked down at her costume and laughed. "I'm a burrito," she replied.
 "Let me go get your treats." Lillian disappeared into the house.
 She came back carrying two pies.
"They're meant to look like little ghosts," she informed everyone.
"Thank you!" the girls said.
 "You're welcome! Good night!"

 Finally, they went to Cerise's house. Molly knocked on the door.
 "Wait," Gracie said, pointing to a bowl of candy on the deck. "She might not be home."
 Right as she finished talking, Cerise opened the door.
 "Hey!" she exclaimed. "Take some candy!"
 Everyone reached into the bowl and scooped up a piece of candy.
"Thank you!" all the girls shouted.
"You're welcome! Happy Halloween!"


Have a great Halloween!



  1. This is cute! I hope you had a great Halloween

    1. Thank you! Eh, it wasn't that great. I got sick :( I hope yours was awesome tho<3