Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A post that I never posted but now I'm posting it so it is an official post (post post post)

Hello! I hope you all had a great Halloween. I'm sick today. :( Well, here is a post that I meant to post a really long time ago,(before I got Kit, so that's why she isn't in it) but I never did. Enjoy!

 Molly was gone on a trip to Great Fox Lodge for school, so the rest of us decided to do something fun. We went to a new restaurant called Fine Fries.
 "Hey y'all!" the lady at the front desk said in a western accent. "How can I help you?"
 "Can we get a table for four, please?" Rosie asked.
 "Sure, Sue will get ya seated," she replied.

 Then she turned and yelled, "SUE!!!!!!!!!"
 Sue came and led us to a table.
 Everyone sat down and Sue said, "Can I get you something to drink?"
 "My chair is too low," I whispered to Rosie.
 She nodded and turned to Sue. "Um, actually, can she get a higher chair please?"
 "Sure," Sue answered. "I'll be right back."
 "I can't wait to eat!" Sophie exclaimed.
 "Here's you high chair, hun." Horrified, I watched as Sue clipped a high chair onto the table.
 I climbed in and was sad to discover that I fit.
 "Here are your menus." Sue pushed a stack of menus toward us.
 I reached to grab one, but Sue handed me a kid menu. "Here you are, sweetie," she said. "And you can color the picture while you wait."
 Grumbling, I began to color.
 Sue returned with water for everyone.
 She gave me a small plastic cup with a picture on it.
 "Does she need a lid?" Sue asked Rosie.
 "No, she's fine," Rosie answered. I was relieved. I didn't need to be humiliated any more than I already was. "Also, can I get the steak, please?"
"I'll have a cheeseburger," Sophie said. Gracie ordered a salad.
I was so busy coloring my picture that I didn't notice that Sue had come up beside me.
"Do you need help reading your menu?" she said sweetly. "Here. Burger, chicken nuggets..."
"I am not a baby!" I shouted. Everyone in the restaurant turned and faced me. I felt my face go red.
"I'll take the mac and cheese please," I added in a much quieter voice.
Sue finally left and I sank back into my stupid high chair. "I'll be back with your food in a bit," she called.
Soon, our food was served to us.

Even though I was humiliated the whole time, I was secretly glad that we had come. It was darn good mac and cheese.


Hope you enjoyed! Bye!