Saturday, December 10, 2016

A New Sister

 I tapped my spoon against the table anxiously. I was nervous.
 Closing my eyes, I began humming a song that my mother sang to me when I was a baby. It always calmed me down. I don't know how I remembered it for these long thirteen years, but somehow I managed to.
 I felt like someone was looking at me. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw a girl watching me.
 She came closer and smiled. "Sorry, I was just listening. You have a pretty voice."
 I felt my cheeks turn bright pink. "Oh, uh, thanks."
 "Mind if I sit down?" she asked.
"Not at all."
 She slid into the leather booth and introduced herself. "I'm Kit."

 "Nice to meet you, Kit. I'm Juliet," I said, shaking her hand.
"Are you new around here, Juliet? I've never seen you before," Kit commented.
"Yeah. I came here today. I've lived in an orphanage for most of my life. My mother passed away when I was a baby." A look of sympathy passed Kit's face."But I recently got adopted, by the Maryland family. So I'm just getting something to eat before I head over to meet my new family."

 Suddenly, Kit's arms flew up in the air and started flailing around.
"What is it?" I exclaimed.
 "Juliet..." she began, smiling even bigger than before. "I'm part of the Maryland family. So..."
 My mouth dropped open.
"Welcome to the family, Juliet!"


Hi! I am so excited! Yes, I got the Our Generation diner AND a new doll! Yay!! My birthday was on Monday, so that's when I got the diner from my parents! And I had my friend party yesterday. One of my best friends, Grace, gave me Julie for my birthday!! ( I'm calling her Juliet, or Jules for short) Julie was her old doll that she never used, so she just gave her to me! I know, so generous! Thank you so much, parents and Grace!

Thank you so much for reading! Have an awesome day!


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