Monday, July 11, 2016

100 posts!! + photoshoot

Hey! I am feeling like a huge dummy right now. Let me explain:
For a long time I was planning a special post for my 100th post. I won't tell you guys what my idea was, just in case I still do it. But as I was going on my blog today, I looked on the dashboard thing (whatever it's called) and it said 101 posts.

AHHHHH! My 100th post was two posts ago, here.

So I'm really sorry for not remembering. I'm also sorry for saying the word "post" so much.

Well, thanks to everyone who follows, comments, or views! I really do appreciate it. By the way, I'm thinking of doing a giveaway soon, but I have to get to fifteen followers first. So if you want a chance in winning my giveaway, please follow! :) Thanks!

And so this post isn't completely picture-less, here is a photoshoot of Molly. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! Remember to follow! :)



  1. Oh, I do that so much! I wanted to make a special post for when I had 150 posts, but it passed by without me noticing!XD Pretty pictures of Molly and congratulations on 100 posts!:)

    1. That's good to know I'm not the only one. :) Thanks!