Monday, September 14, 2015

Our back to school outfits!

Hello! I have figured out how to upload pictures, so I am going to be posting more now. Also, I just need 15 more dollars to get Kit! Yay! I'm hoping to get her by the end of this month. Anyway, today Molly's going to be posting, so I'll hand the spotlight over to her...

HEY GUYS! It's Molly, the star of AwesomeAGClub and everything. Since I am a fashion expert, Devin had me put together back to school outfits for all of my sisters and then they would rate it! Alright, here we go!!

First up is Gracie. How do you feel about this gorgeous outfit, Gracie?

I rate it three out of five stars. I feel like it's a little to pink and purple-y, and it looks like a school uniform. I wouldn't pick this out myself.

Well, after that bad rating from Gracie, hopefully Sophie will like her outfit better. What do you think, Sophie?

 I love it! The vest is adorable, I look great in this top, (flips hair) and I love jean skirts! I rate it a five out of five!

Ahh, Sophie, you're my new favorite. Now for Sadie.

Hmm...3 and a half stars. I don't really like animal print, and the shoes aren't really my thing. I do like the shirt and skirt, though. it's Rosie's turn! I picked out only the best for my dear Rosie, since she's starting high school and has to look beautiful.

I like this outfit. That's all I have to say. 4 and a half stars.

O...k....well, after that confusing rating from Rosie, it's finally MY turn!

Five stars, of course! I look absolutely stunning in it, and pale pink is the fall thing! The top is actually a skirt with a belt! I have a million other reasons why I rate this 5 stars, but unfortunately, I have to say good bye to all my dear fans. Good bye, good bye!!

Thanks so much for reading my post!!

Sincerely, your favorite,




  1. All the girls look beautiful Molly! Anyway I'm super exited to see kit!! Are your doing chores for the money?

  2. Yes I am. Lots and lots of chores. :) I will hopefully get her this Wednesday!

  3. Great outfits everyone! My favorite is Sophie's!:)